British Schools National Championships

16th & 17th March 2019, 4 of our youngsters attend the British Schools National Championships 2019 at Sheffield.  

Saturday:  Katie, Lucy & Ashleigh’s Day of events.   Turning out to be a long day (maximum number of entries) the girls, kept their concentration and resulted in good performances and medals.

Yr 8/9  Katie Windle -44kgs  Bronze  

Yr 10/11   Ashleigh Gainer -52  Silver

Lucy Windle, won 1, lost 2  

Sunday:  Dylan took to the mat, which was his 1st National Competition, setting his mindset on what is required if he pursues this avenue.

Dylan Bowen Knowles,  won 1, lost 2.

Officiating:  Dylan & Arron attended the weekend also to support the running of the event by competition timekeeping, setting up and de-rig of the venue.    Dylan also came away with the Official of the Year and was awarded a silver salver for his support and dedication.